Has someone been filling Rob Breszny in on my personal life.....?

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22):

It's an excellent time to see if you can remove
some of the neurotic twitches from your erotic itches. For example, you
could use all your ingenuity to talk yourself out of the silly guilt you feel
for having a certain idiosyncratic desire -- a desire that, if acted out,
would hurt no one, and that is therefore, by definition, healthy. Here's
another possibility: You could invoke the full powers of your imagination
as you free yourself from things that prevent you from experiencing
maximum pleasure, like old wounds, simmering anger, rank egotism, and
limiting beliefs.


Oh damn....that idiosyncratic desire?

That means a lot more candid-and-unwavering verbal articulation than I've been exerting lately -- and not just in my own general direction, either.  


As a totally random side-note, facts and opinions are different things and should not be confused by any rational adult who wants to continue being regarded as such.  I think that a good many problems of humanity would be solved if that distinction were better understood, and that they are compounded rather than ameliorated whenever someone assumes and states their personal views to be "fact" when they are not technically deserving of that categorization.  Such arrogance annoys me, whether it comes from rank ignorance, "thintelligence" or the glibness of a smug and self-absorbed intellect. 

Not that I lack a certain arguable arrogance and self-certainty myself -- but at least I have the tact and scrupulousness to recognize the limits of my own perspective, rather than claiming some personal infallibility of pronouncement in all my online utterances.

Ginsus emerging......there's some aging and rather cowardly business that needs attending to, just to give it an answer, in that same line of invalid privilege and overweening prerogatives.  Think anyone'll see it coming?


From: [identity profile] aureantes.livejournal.com

Oh buggerall....you know, I've been too stressed and worn-out with other things to make anything of this announced firebombing -- which says a lot, considering that I usually jump at the chance to relieve RL tedium with a good knock-down/drag-'em-out verbal melee.

I think I shall essay a quick thinly-veiled rundown of current/recent online annoyances, though I doubt that any of the targets -- even those who are on my LJ flist and can read it -- will recognise themselves...some of them, ironically, are quite good at never recognising themselves, and even complimenting me on my incisive cutting-down of attitudes that are actually their own. Takes a lot of talent, I'd say... :-|


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