Still haven't got a full-page view 'cause my scanner is too small for the paper size, but here is the image that I have up on my Facebook photo album for my original art:

Intuitive pastlife self-portrait
[White and Ebony pencils on sepia construction paper]

If it looks familiar, well.....there's probably a reason for that.  By the way, hair is not technically brown but very very dark blond - eyes are light-brown hazel.  Just in case there's any confusion there.


From: [identity profile]

Thank you! - I started with the highlights first, building them out before I started on the darks atall - this is a method that I strongly advocate for rendering realistic dimension. One of my students had asked me what I was going to work on during the second half of class (this was about 2 1/2 weeks ago) while they were drawing from photographs, and so I decided to ostensibly start from a previous sketch but then let my hand take over in capturing a likeness that I was dwelling on finding but did not have any definitive model for - so literally drawing on intuition, no external model at all really. By the end of that class it was all in white on sepia - I was joking about the face emerging out like the Shroud of Turin.


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