So what does Aurey do when he's up late recovering from the dregs of that-illness-which-is-a-long-story-in-itself?  Get into a spate of writing poetry, of course, though this may come off as more of a sheer flood of verbiage.  I may reattempt something on the same lines in a different frame of mind, but this frame after all seems the appropriate one for the gist of it.  Composed amidst the anachronistic pseudo-cacophony of...well, we are all online, are we not?  The wonders of modern technology...and  Η αλήθεια είναι πιό παράξενη από μυθιστοριογραφία των φανατικών υποστηρικτών - go on, have fun with that one.

Anyhow....poetry.  Tell me what you think of it....there's plenty more where it came from.

What music for the Ishtar Gate,
in accompaniments of ages past and now and yet to come? -
So many times, so many chances
through the years, and now all come to this -
nothing is untouchable by present time,
not within the frame of any present time.

I remember learning the perspective,
dimensions never felt before, not in this life -
feeling the contours and the shades of art
through all of history, the fiction and the fact
pulling together at last.  The feel of centuries,
sensations of thought - how many know,
how many sense the scale, the swath, the scope
of consciousness playing forth its very self? -
and now meeting, remeeting itself in stretches of
unabashed imagination, fantasy's unbound creation
bringing together all knowledge, lies and hope?

This is already the time beyond time,
if anyone would see -
already the collisions, the collusions pile
like bricks of Babel towering again,
this time to overcome all space between.
What music now? - come, show me all the wares
that can be brought to bear upon this act -
this stage, this setting and the spoken scenes -
imagination of the ages, show me all your dreams!

For all your dreams already have weighed strong upon
that which preceded you onto this stage -
your expectations and your fiercest deep desires
built all so keen-sincerely on the tombs
and monuments and tales - thousands of years,
worship and scathing scorn, and yet the bridges
reach and cross and evermore connect.
Borders are nothing, languages translated, transcended -
boundaries are fallen, so that all the greater
edifices of humanity may rise.

That, all in this, hodgepodge and half-coherent,
with arguments and railings in responding lines -
the blindered and half-blindered and the clear,
sorting through their principles and fears -
the vast unsettled clutter of creative life,
in this, I see the shape of things emerging,
in this multifarious, multifoliate kaleidoscope world
where visions and versions dwell side by side,
contrast and contradiction, truth against truth as perceived -
warring iterations of dreamed reality
until some revelation prove past doubt what sight is true.
Even as falsehoods fall purged, the fictions stand
as their own myths, desired despite all strife,
until true myths return and shatter all
illusions and delusions of vicarious vanity...

Until that time, so soon and yet unseen,
still carry on eternal dialogue - this bickering
and soul-communion, lambent brightness shining back 
across the millennia of humanity,
long landscapes more illuminated now
in all so many various changing lights.
No single music for the mise-en-scene -
its image and moods now too infinitely dreamt,
that nothing now will solely suffice but music beyond all bounds,
polyphony encompassing eternity.
[6 October 2010 / 6:58 am CDT]


In other news, I have officially completed my thirty-fourth year of life, as of 1:29 am Central Daylight Time.  Astrological stats are as follows, in which you will find that I have things in some very interesting and seemingly-paradoxical places, if you know what they mean - but right up front is the fact that I have Libra as my sun sign and Leo as my ascendant - so which one is the more definitive of my identity?  (At which point I point to the Chinese zodiac and say, "I'm a Fire Dragon - that explain anything?")


Sun in Libra 
Sun Conjunct Pluto
Sun Sextile Saturn
Sun Sextile Neptune
Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 
Moon in Pisces
Moon Opposite Mercury
Moon Sesquiquadrate Uranus


Mercury in Virgo
Mercury Trine Jupiter
Mercury Semisquare Venus
Venus in Scorpio
Venus Square Saturn
Venus Conjunct Uranus
Mars in Libra
Mars Semisquare Neptune
Jupiter in Gemini
Saturn in Leo
Saturn Trine Neptune
Saturn Sextile Pluto
Uranus in Scorpio
Neptune in Sagittarius
Neptune Sextile Pluto
Pluto in Libra
House Activity and Emphasis
Leo on the 1st House Cusp 
Saturn in the 1st House 
Leo on the 2nd House Cusp   
Virgo on the 3rd House Cusp 
Sun in the 3rd House
Mercury in the 3rd House
Pluto in the 3rd House
Libra on the 4th House Cusp 
Venus in the 4th House
Mars in the 4th House
Uranus in the 4th House
Sagittarius on the 5th House Cusp 
Neptune in the 5th House 
Capricorn on the 6th House Cusp 
Aquarius on the 7th House Cusp 
Aquarius on the 8th House Cusp
Moon in the 8th House 
Pisces on the 9th House Cusp 
Aries on the 10th House Cusp
Jupiter in the 10th House
Gemini on the 11th House Cusp
Cancer on the 12th House Cusp


I'll make a less-peremptory post on that later, so tell me if you're actually interested in seeing what all that is supposed to mean, so I can add you to that degree/angle of filter.  I used to have a girlfriend who was obsessive about doing up astrological charts for everyone she dated, but I'm not quite that compulsive when it comes to analyzing people.  If it fits then it fits, saith man the pattern-seer. 

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