....for a rock band, that is - was considering it back sometime in college, around the time that this guy named Mike Mulloy was lending me tapes of Sisters of Mercy and Skinny Puppy and other goth stuff and I was considering what I could do with that area. I was also toying with "Aerosol Virus" around the same time, though that's for more straight-out modern paranoid dystopia, so far as the themes of things. What Fatal Katya is - and you'll get a cookie if you grasp the literary reference before I explain it - is unrestrained and flamboyant and passionately gutwrenching Romanticism, no holds barred and with a heavy dose of steampunk (didn't know of the genre/style then but it fits now) and overall deliberate and flagrant anachronism.

Although I've been writing songs or the starts of them since ever, along with copious amounts of poetry, it was around the summer of 2000 that I really came out with a significant number of 'finished' songs and started recording them as such, albeit a cappella - considering that I don't play any instrument well enough for performance purposes in my own opinion, I go by voice and by ear, and basically chart out my songs at first in solfege and accent/cadence rather than with absolute pitch or timing. This also has the advantage of being able to repitch to my own voice in case of cold or (as of late) with lower expansion of vocal range...doesn't mean that I don't want to have full absolute-pitch arrangements with instrumentals, though, as I'm very much into combining things in the most effective ways possible whether the intended sound is 'hard' or 'soft', modern/electronic or classical/acoustic, or a bit of everything at once. I like harps and ethnic pipes and violins and 'cellos, and I like electric guitars and synthesizer effects....and if anyone's picking up where I'm going with this and has an interest and skills to back it up, I'd like to hear about it.

So....the name, then....is from Fyodor Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov, which is one of the greatest novels ever in a myriad of ways - and for a while now I've also had the ambition of somehow writing/directing a full film adaptation of it, whether as a miniseries (my preference for thoroughness) or a feature-length film, because I'm quite aware of how much is in the book that has never made it to the screen. The truly brilliant essence of The Brothers Karamazov, in my opinion, is how Dostoyevsky, out of his own acute self-awareness, projects into the four brothers of the story - Dmitri, who represents emotional passion and impulsiveness; Ivan, who represents intellect and self-analytical detachment; Alyosha, who represents spiritual sensitivity and compassion; and the unaknowledged bastard son Smerdyakov, who represents gross materialism....anyone seeing something temperamental here, people? The common element in them, as inherited from their embarrassment of a father, is stated as "sensuality" - how they each manifest it, of course, is something quite individual. And the "fatal Katya" of the tale - that is how Dmitri addresses, in a letter to her, the beautiful, haughty and passionate Katerina Ivanovna, who is the most complex and complicating of the female characters, and whose interactions with each and all of the three legitimate brothers (she is too noble in character to have anything to do with Smerdyakov - everyone would agree on that point) give the novel much of its interpersonal intrigue. And there are a few other reasons that the name appeals, but some of that is Orthodox hagiography and some of it is personal associations and the most significant part of it is that it just sounds so deepdark and over-the-top dramatic - and it's always good to have a lot of implicit room for drama in one's doings.

Okay, at least my doings....

Anyhow.....I'm going to start posting more of my song lyrics from time to time, as I'm reworking and expanding a lot of them as well as having new ones surface. I'm also going to be getting a lot more material posted at my other outlets of Blogspot, my Facebook page, my portfolio group on Yahoo and other venues....will be updating these and culling out online unnecessaries over the next couple months. If you definitely do want to see what I'm coming up with creatively in all areas, comment here so that I can add you to an access filter for it - will also post all active career/project links for reference and edit my sidebar links lists and other access points.

And you know, if you want to talk literature and movies and psychology and such, or pick and probe at the things I say.....oh, do have at it, please..../:)

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