Libra Horoscope for week of October 1, 2009....

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Is there a big difference between your current job and your beloved career? Do you suffer from the unsettling feeling that your calling hasn't called you yet? Are you under the impression that your main reason for being here on Earth may reveal itself at some unknown time in the future, but not anytime soon? If you answered no to all those questions, congrats! You are more than halfway toward living a victorious life. But if you answered yes to at least one question, it's high time to take action. Start by formulating an intention to find out what you need to know in order to deal with the problem more aggressively. The cosmic forces are arrayed in such a way as to reward you for doing so.

Not that my calling hasn't been at least partially revealed already, or been calling and nudging me along for awhile now.  Could use some practical triage and clarification, though.


Just one week left to register......


How to Draw Real Live People - Fall Session starts September 15, Tuesday evenings 6:30-9:00 pm )

Of course, this will be thoroughly crossposted everywhere online that I have IRL contacts or audience....and yes, I'm working on the logistics of online instruction too -- just keep nudging me there.


If/when someone (who somehow found their way onto your flist though you can't remember exactly how) continually posts things that you take issue with, which makes the stronger and more lasting impression? -- to argue it out with them every time so that it at least gets cogently challenged, or to unfriend them so that they can tell that your tolerance has run out with them?

Personally, I tend to prefer arguing to just walking off and cutting people out, and I only shake the dust off my feet with people when I'm fairly certain that nothing is to be gained or bettered by continued interaction -- because, to me, deliberately stopping talking to someone implies that they are personally not worth the effort or bother of talking to, and it's hard for me to give up hope in communication having some persuasive effect. 

Pointedly-oblique rhetorical wanderings -- caveat lector... )
Regardless, there's the ramble of my thoughts as framed obliquely.....hope there's something to be found in it. 


[* Aristotle, for one...though I've been known to say a few things myself in the ethical/moral realm.]

I think it's still James Spader, both visually and in general tone.

Courtroom manner, anyone? )

But yeah....that legalistic, case-presenting, logic-employing, rarely-very-'emotional' (though encompassing "passionate," "mischievous" and "pissed") way of going about things in the way of disagreement.....if you have watched Boston Legal, I think you'll see where that resemblances lies.  And it's a bit of a disconcerting thing too, when I think about it, that I could argue opposite to myself with equal facility, even though not truly believing it -- just that amount of circumspection and rhetoric to make for insinuation and propaganda the likes of which I despise.  I could.....but I prefer not to. 

Unless it's for the sake of satire...or perhaps sneaking in under the radar of extremely religious-conservative people who want to believe I'm on their side and/or always was.

I could say more about that last....but not right now.  Right now I had better be getting my insufferable smartass into bed already. 


I've been rather....miffed lately, to see the self-certainty with which some people state their beliefs, principles, personal opinions, assumed facts, etc., as if they were infallible pronouncements -- as well as that they seem to expect everyone who reads their words to accept them without argument, and they don't even bother to anticipate argument, which in itself indicates a serious lack of perspective.

And then there's the fact that self-righteous wankers and their wankerous pronouncements piss me off by their continued existence in a world that rightfully should have evolved past that mental stage by now.  They're like cockroaches (or sharks, depending on the level of actual malice...hmm, sharkroaches, anyone?) --  primeval and singleminded organisms which "should" be outmoded in favour of higher orders of organization and consciousness but still maintain their tenacious hold in whatever squalor remains to sustain them, feeding on neglected patches of prejudice and ignorance like a scavenging roach feeds upon a patch of grease missed by the cleaning sponge.  

So, you want to know what I -really- think.....? )
If there's anything that I've left out and remember later, I'll toss it in somewhere.   Just figured it might be useful to spell out exactly where I stand and don't stand on a few things.  And if you don't like my views, you're welcome to take it up with me...and I'm free to respond however I see fit. 

[Oh, and there will be a following post to address certain "fringe" the antiquated saying goes, don't touch that dial....]

Aureantes - Has a flaming sword of cutting the crap, and ain't afraid to use it.

So, then......anyone care to draw me in and get me involved in any of their narrowminded and hyper-defensive ongoing debates or self-satisfied mentally masturbatory manifesti?

I guess we'll just see about that, won't we?  Though of course, we wouldn't want me saying things openly that might be regretted, let alone elaborating in detail upon my own current-and-persistent existence (best to save that subject for private chambers). 

It's quite interesting how bold and absolutist people get about their philosophies when they don't really have any actual proof, truths or understandings to build them on or test them against.  And few individuals, so far as I've seen, are more situational and accepting and modest in their views and pronouncements than those who have seen the most with their own eyes and souls.

Just saying, ya know......

_ which I mean that my RPG members have not deserted me for being totally-and-distractedly preoccupied with everything but managing my roleplay for the past year-plus.

Past RP history snark... )[On that note: it's not necessarily something that's talked about much, but my girlfriend and I have both found it so in our different gaming experiences, that the firsthand experience of situations in RPing can be every bit as significant (and traumatic) as the firsthand experience of real life. Which is a topic I'd like to bring up in Scholomance Dramatica, seeing as we have a variety of lifestyle roleplayers in our membership.]

Apart from that, though, the main issue at hand -- and the only one that critically concerns everyone, as it is going to hold the game up a mite longer -- is that we need a new Rick O'Connell in Secrets of the Past. We need him before we move further in action, so that I (in autoing him as I've had to lately) don't monopolize his character choices and free range of action, and so that we can get back into freeplay and spontaneous interreaction instead of having to choreograph myself (not to mention anyone else in scenage) like a puppeteer with six hands.

Please note, though -- we need a player of considerable wit and solid writing skill (quick reading ain't a bad skill either, ftm), with a good taste/tolerance for having hris char get into tight spots and interesting situations, especially considering all the shite that's already involved in this plot. Also -- and some dedicated roleplayers and Mummy fans may well rejoice at this -- we are set in 1935 and are thus ignoring the whole Mummy Episode III: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor premise. We aren't even providing for it to happen later, 'cause we likes our Mummyverse quite well enough without it. Just like we likes our Indiana Jones without shoehorning in a teenage sidekick and relegating Indy to grizzled codger status.

[Note to any interested players submitting original characters: NO SHIA LABOEUF CLONES!!! He's a bloody boring tabula rasa cast for the mere convenience of his being an audience-identifiable teenage male!!]

The joys of realistic and unbowdlerized playing - or, to put it in current idiom,  )
If you're interested in joining the ensemble as Rick, please read this game description from back when we started the current rewrite and then PM me a brief summary of your RPing and/or fictionwriting experience, together with an in-character scene sample of at least half a page (can be as Rick or another character, but relevance to the Mummyverse and its time setting is appreciated).

Needless to say, I'm not planning to just issue casting-calls via LJ, but it's worth a shot at the moment, besides being worth flistsharing anyhow.

...afterall, I am a singer myself and have a solid grounding in music overall...musical family, classical voice training, a bit of musical theatre and a lot of concerts, plus rather eclectic listening and singing/composing tastes... 

Actually, I was considering auditioning for the show myself about four seasons back, but I didn't feel like dealing with their stupid guys-'n'-girls-categorical crap (which they were still doing up to last season in the starting eliminations, I think, and which still shows in the group numbers and the crappy Ford music videos) and having to controversially blaze a trail on even somewhat shaky-ground.  

 Anyhow, that said, I was gratified last season to see David Cook win over David Archuleta, because it was refreshing to see the scruffy-looking guy with the experienced musicianship and raw vocal/emotional power win out over the pandering bubble-gum-pop teen prodigy.  (This was second only to my elation at the presidential election results, by the way.)  And so this year, I want to see Adam Lambert win. 

You wanna know why? Let me count the ways... )But yeah....even without that added edge of cultural division, he'd still be getting my endorsement -- because he's the best, dammit, and I believe in voting for the best.  So deal.



I already did the whole OpenID thing using this URL....and hopefully they'll consider that sufficient for sending me an invite code to set up a real account, as I was given to believe would be the case. 

If, however, the 30th comes and goes and I don't get one for being a good sport.....well, I'd like one.  Seeing as I'm so bloody near-broke and all that, and also because the world really deserves to have as much of my scintillating wit as possible.

Oh yeah....example, right here: 

I was commenting to my mother tonight that the can of Trader Joe's medium-roast blended coffee we had sitting on counter said right there on the label that they had "married" estate-grown beans from Guatemala with estate-grown beans from Papua New Guinea...and that you'd think someone was bound to have an issue with that.   (*wink-wink, nudge-nudge*)

She agreed emphatically.  (" ")

But afterall, they're both still beans, regardless of their origin....

"...and aren't we, all of us, just human beans...?"

Yeah, yeah, I know........*snickers*   Works though, doesn't it?

Well, it looks as if my Saturdays are going to be free for the summer (and I'm going to have to find some creative ways to fill them, but I'm looking forward to it...). 

My signature art class, "How to Draw Real Live People," is moving up both in age level and lateness of hour -- the new timeslot is Monday nights from 6:30 to 9:00, at least for the Summer quarter (June 15 - August 3), and it's no longer listed as a children's class, either.  This is going to be just teens through adults, as well as being down in the gallery where we have more visibility to draw people's attention to the Gallery on those balmy-to-steamy summer evenings.

So...the brochure's going out to the printer's soon, and I just sent in my miniscule editing requests and comments (okay, not so miniscule on that front).  And I'm going to get my promos out and online as soon as possible, so that ther's plenty of time for people to sign up....and this time I won't have to worry quite so much about the chronic overscheduling of suburban schoolchildren.

So....further bulletins soon. 

*And also....yes, I am still interested in teaching art classes online -- actually, I've been thinking a lot about exactly how to make it work, and I think that it'd probably be easiest to do at this point (for the realtime part) in an IM chat/conference format, with a private online group to hold notes, links, resources and shared work that aren't realtime-dependant.  Tell me what you think of that, and maybe I can figure out the rest of the logistics before June and start structuring the enterprise.
Just cause it was there for the taking...

Wolfish.... )
Enh, I don't think I'm quite that social (at least not based on blood-ties alone). What's with the fluffy pic and heterochromic eyes, anyhow?

Tigerish... )
Much better picture....and a lot more accurate, methinks. As if I weren't clearly into the tigerish side of things already.... /:)

New Yahell least until I update it furthermore later on this weekend:

Yahoo! Avatars

Well, having duly rendered to Caesar what has an arguable right to be rendered, I'm in a much better mood when it comes to the latter part of the week -- which for me, seeing as I'm more Orthodox than Western on this point of observance (even though hardly the model of by-the-book canonical piety or theological belief...), happens to be Holy Week.

The middle of the entry... ) my personal gardening work cut out for me.

You Are Cinnamon

You are intelligent and complex. You are both mild mannered and intense.

You are passionate to the point of being overpowering. People can't ignore your presence.

You are always questioning and learning in your life. You're on a bit of a spiritual journey.

You are drawn toward power and success. You are never quite satisfied with your achievements.

Alright, that pretty much nailed me.....right down to the dual demeanour, even. And I think my 'spiciness' of flavour is a fairly known quantity by now among those who know me well...

Which Fantasy Hero Are You?
Elric of Melniboné
Description and history... )

[Quiz is at ]

Ah geez......where does one begin?

[Template in black, editing/elaboration in burgundy]

Dear Willis Group Holdings, Ltd.:

You must be really stupid to think that you can steal the name-recognition of our most iconic landmark building just by slappin' your name on it instead.... )

Thank you for your kind consideration.

(*cough* Bullshit *cough*...)

Sign petition/customize letter at if you're against the reckless renaming of things and places by virtue (supposed) of money alone.  And while we're at it, can we get a bunch of Santas to demonstrate outside "Macy's"...?


aureantes: Portrait bust of Alexander the Great (Default)
( Feb. 23rd, 2009 02:09 am)
Okay, that rocked.

Seriously, folks, I'm well aware of the Academy Awards being just the biggest-&-glitziest night of a season of Hollywood circle jer...I mean, back-patting and mutual admiration, but scaling down to handle the recession seems to have geared up a whole new level of intimacy and -- I think this is definitely the word for the evening -- collegiality for the filmmaking community (though they still need to get the tech awards back out of lunchroom-apartheid...).

It was mature (yes, even the comedy montage with Seth Rogen and James Franco on the couch), in notable contrast to the red-carpet gownwatching and gossiping beforehand; it was humble and creation-focused, as opposed to industrially self-aggrandizing and throwing around the weight of "the Academy" and its business-side executives. It emphasized the necessarily communal nature of film production, and made (refreshingly) much of the cameraderie and mutual respect of actors for one another, to the extent that there was no sense of 'winner vs. losers' competition, but a great impression and worthwhile example of creative professionals being glad for each other and glad to be in each others' company and part of the vast web of history and inspiration and influences that is the art of moviemaking. And the front-and-center musicality throughout was an effective thread of connection there, from Hugh Jackman's unrestrained opening number to Queen Latifah's emotionally-infused and elegantly-ornamented rendition of "I'll Be Seeing You" as the 2008 memorial montage played on the big screen above.

Overall, the feeling of "We're all in this together" was a consistently good vibe throughout the evening, and though there are some things that I would have wished were different (some footage of the acting being nominated, for those of us who hadn't caught all of the performances during this past year; Peter Gabriel actually singing his nominated song from Wall-E in the musical-number sandwich with Slumdog Millionaire), the show itself was a fine one. Danny Boyle made a point of congratulations there in his acceptance speech for Best Director, and I thoroughly agree with him. While there will always be a certain amount of standard industry boilerplate/self-promotion for the sake of commercial survival (and don't think that I wasn't aware of it when it happened), this 81st Academy Awards was the least egocentric and most self-aware film awards show I've ever seen. And there were some damn stirring words said along the way that deserve to have lasting impact out in the world as we know it.

So...congratulations, everyone. Good show.


Your result for The Elemental Test...


The Energetic

Your nature is Thunder. You are often hyper and brimming with energy. You have an inordinate love for energy drinks and caffeinated soda. You constantly zip from topic to topic in conversation. People don't understand why you can't find a single outlet for all that energy.

Take The Elemental Test
at HelloQuizzy

Yes, exactly.

Except that I'm more on the coffee side of energy drinks than onto soda per se, as that is a bit healthier for my physiology. Besides, coffee helps me focus....*creepy manic grin*

And when I am focusing all my energy in a single direction, one had better not be standing in the way of said direction...

[Link to blog article w/ additional links on AlterNet: Biased Media: HBO Didn't Air Bishop Robinson's Invocation (But We've Got It) ]

HBO claims that the Presidential Inauguration Committee told them that Robinson's invocation would be "part of the pre-show," which is why they didn't include it in the live footage. Another report (in comments at the last link) mentions that there was a speaker malfunction which impeded (?) HBO's recording of the speech. The video below was taken by a reporter for Christianity Today:

Full text of invocation... )

At all of the above main links -- AlterNet, YouTube and Episcopal Cafe -- you will find comments of greatly-varying intelligence and civility....


(I haven't forgotten about anyone or catching up as promised -- things have just been hectic over the holidays and I've miles to go -- so it feels -- before I have a predictable online routine to settle into. Which is why I'm still never YIM-visible at any decent evening hour....bear with me, I'll get there.)




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