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Η αλήθεια είναι πιό παράξενη από μυθιστοριογραφία των φανατικών υποστηρικτών.

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Birthdate:Oct 6, 1976
Website:The Origen Consortium
I'm an freelance artist/designer, fiction writer, poet/singer/songwriter, independent scholar/researcher, art teacher, Reiki practitioner, sociopolitical commentator and actor/roleplayer -- basically a Renaissance-kinda-guy, skilled in the exercise of higher polymathematics. If anyone has an interest in employing any/all of my listed talents, online or off, contact me so we can talk business - same thing if you're curious about my other interests and projects. I subscribe only if I'm sincerely interested, but I grant access readily.

More samples of my art and writings are uploaded at my portfolio/"feedback group" Aureantes' Realm on Yahoo!Groups, as well as in other places I have yet to comprehensively compile in an actual resource list.

My least-random blog, with more lengthy "serious" material and essays, is at - which is also titled Aureantes' Realm. Do you begin to see a pattern here?

Anything you see online under the name 'Aureantes' is probably mine, to simplify matters...I'm rather insistent that there be only one of me and that I be it.

My online projects range from otherkin+ research (Anderen_Vereinigte) and an LJ FAQ site with essays and theories thereon (DW mirror-twin established too) to a private alternative newsgroup (Hyperlucidity), a self-discovery & personal-mythology group (AlchemyGold), an online roleplayers' forum/seminar (Scholomance_Dramatica) with an auxiliary messageboard and practice/exhibition playing areas, several ongoing roleplays and a Chicago-area artists' forum and networking group (Starving Artists' Forum) with a related publicity and reviews site (Chicagoland Underground Reviews).

As well as my latest project, The Origen Consortium [listed as website above], which is very much its own insiders' community considering all the topics it covers - a bit selective in acceptance there, just in that I do not want to waste time/energy arguing about things that are already known/accepted/sufficiently proven to the non-dogmatic and intelligent people inside. For example, I know that my soul exists and very stubbornly persists; you may doubt the existence of your own soul, but may not come inside the circle to argue that matter, because we are well past it and will not be convinced. And similarly with other like matters - they have already been tested and challenged and found to ring true, therefore I give no room or tolerance for deliberate hecklers. Which may sound tyrannical in the modern sense, but is really only so in the classical's a dirty job to set/maintain standards of rational discussion, but someone's got to do it.

That said, peruse at leisure. [I'll add some 'join group' buttons and images later today, otherwise known as after I sleep.]
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