Blame [ profile] beow11 for this.....and my hyperactive and trivia-gleeful mind for the running commentary...

Results under cut, for they are numerous and quick to referential humour... )

At any rate, an irreverent way to start out the new year's recreational postings -- in the absence of my usual "Happy Hogmanay" ecard.  More serious matter (with more art) to come as I get materials prepared for my Winter installment of ye olde art class.

[This is the recurring thought that cropped up and kept me laughing pseudo-insanely to myself today (and berating myself out loud for being so weird, moreover) despite having had an excruciatingly painful accident less than half an hour before that, which still hurts like hell whenever moved or impinged upon. A hypothetical week in pictures, under the cut....]

A hypothetical week, from a hypothetical diary......... )
Fire at will.........>:) 


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