And all for the sake of near-obsessive-compulsive accuracy, tryin' to be spontaneous enough to catch my own conscience......"Tell me, o quiz, what am I really?" -- yeah, like I need to take a quiz to know by now.

So, nothin' wrong with bein' a spiritual type, is there...?

But then on the other hand.....hmm, stripey........:-|

You scored as Otherkin. You are Otherkin. You identify with otherworldy beings and feel you are truly something other than human. You are only biding your time here until you can return to where you truly belong. You seek others who share your yearnings and spend your time commiserating with those you like and mocking the ones you don't.










White Lighter


True Alternative




Aimless Eclectic


What Subversive Alternative Paradigm Are You?
created with

Um, yeah.....wrong sex there, not to mention I ain't that much of an other-elitist asshole ( I? :-S...). If "here" means the world of nature and material existence, I'm not too virulently against being here, or into bemoaning that "I just don't belong"......that refers to the typical "mundane" human world/social structure, 'kay? And even so.....well, it's a bit late to be complaining about landing in it again. It's a dirty job, ya know, but someone's gotta do it....:-|
(Probably 'cause it's a rather dinky quiz devoid of such subtleties, but ahwell.....)

So, a nice pic, though it ain't "me" atall...I do like the general idea of angels with body art, though, especially considering my own understanding of our "signature" concepts......

You scored as Angel. Angel: Angels are the guardians of all things, from the smallest ant to the tallest tree. They give inspiration, love, hope, and positive emotion. They live among humans without being seen. They are the good in all things, and if you feel alone, don't fear. They are always watching. Often times they merely stand by, whispering into the ears of those who feel lost. They would love nothing more then to reveal themselves, but in today's society, this would bring havoc and many unneeded questions. Give thanks to all things beautiful, for you are an Angel.














What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)
created with

Oh, and there aren't enough questions with "flying" on there. It's close enough to swimming that the two tend to get easily blurred. But I only really like swimming in water that's around air-temperature or warmer, so no sirenage for me. Even with a good voice...but then, these things are more based on lore than psychological realities anyhow.....
Some years ago, I drew a picture in charcoal pencil on white canvas board, a naked and grieving figure with long light disheveled hair and black demon-style wings shielding its body, hands hiding its face, in something like the poses of Masaccio's Adam and Eve being driven out of Eden, for it too was being driven out, leaving in bitterness.

It hung on my bedroom wall for a long while after, as one of my favourite and most symbolic pieces -- like that crouching male figure caught startled, its body inked and wounded, white bull's-horns on its head, its features blindly masked with gold, gold overlay'd with bright fresh-blood red, barbaric and strange -- or the girl in green kirtle and hooded cloak, running up a hill into the shelter of the forest, in a hazy green overcast afternoon before the rain. Or the page of assembled b/w figure-vignettes, the same persona in different poses and states of abandon, solitude, falling, flying, rising out of a sunken grave...doubled even, split light-and-dark or twinned in sympathy, reaching out across a space of floor and tense-charged air.

All of these. But this one with my outcast angel-demon, it fell from the wall one day, when I was happy or had every right to be. Inanimate things try to tell us -- like when I was wearing my Thor's Wheel pendant and it fell off my neck, leaving just the stag's-head pentacle I'd been keeping undercover since then. The Thor's Wheel made a convenient cross, to those who would assume it -- and I had no quarrel with the concepts, either of them -- but sometimes there comes a time when one must let the assumption, no matter how harmless, fall, and claim the definite difference instead.

The picture is standing up in another corner, its action remembered now (such a telling anecdote) because I have remembered it. And yet it will not be a completed act till that outcast angel is answered and redressed (no, not like that.../:)), restored to its rightful glory.

Which requires another drawing, or painting, or two or three...fallen things must rise, must rise, must rise. Nevermind that tracery of anguished paint on the mirror there.

Where was your soul born?[pics + detailed answeres]

Your soul was born in the Sky.You have a free soul and you hate to be tied down. You love a good challenge and you love to compete with your friends. You're very kind and open-minded. You accept anyone as longs as the person doesn't try to hold you down. You have a habit of bending and sometimes breaking rules, but you're very careful with stepping over lines. You might break some rules but you also have respect for them. You're element is Air. You're unpredictable and people can never figure out what you will do next. You're admirable and many people look up to you. You do you best to capture the day and make the most out of it. You're honest, but sometimes your honesty can hurt people. Remember that you're not boring just because you're serious sometimes. Sometimes you need to be serious to get respect from others. You can't joke everything away.
Take this quiz!

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Actually, I think I'll pass on the green hair and girly bikini, not to mention the feminine assets.  The barbarianish metalwork's okay though.  Why the hell don't these quizzes ever offer the alternative of a beautiful big-eyed and sexy male anime image to post in your journal......? /:)

The Jaguar Spirit
You scored 74% Creativity, 44% Compassion, 61% Strength, and 72% Intelligence!
You are a Jaguar Spirit. You move like a predator, and enjoy the night. You are agile and graceful, and have amazing night vision. You tend to be solitary, but sometimes get along with one or two others. Jaguars are very wild spirits with strong wills.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 99% on Creativity
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You scored higher than 99% on Compassion
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You scored higher than 99% on Strength
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You scored higher than 99% on Intelligence
The Spirit Animal Test
The Bird of Prey

EAGLE or HAWK - your daemon may be some kind of bird of prey. Yours is a strong spirit, and a fierce sense of liberty. You cannot be confined. You may be shrewdly observant, and like to be aware of everything that goes on around you. You will fight fiercely for the things that are most important to you, and you are definitely a force to be reckoned with. Still, you are not vicious by nature and would prefer to be left in peace. You probably value your solitude very highly - not that you don't enjoy company, but sometimes you just need to be alone - otherwise you begin to feel caged in and
confined. You might want to take a drive on your own, just to feel the road beneath you, or to sit alone on your balcony, watching the world go by.

What Is Your Daemon?
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*snickers* Now, as for the following...I really don't know why I got it....but that Time Lord is one hell of a sexy babe....>:)

Time Is Your Power
You have the ability to alter time.
You can go forward in time; backward in time; you can even stop time all together.

What Is Your Power?
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Light Is Your Power
You use the power of light to summon powers of good.
Angels are on your side and healing powers are your speciality.

What Is Your Power?
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Angels???? Moi??? Oh, bollocks....*facepalm*......

You are the dark type, you are an outcast and
people have hurt you in the past. You always
keep to yourself and can be mean to people.
Lonely and sad, you seek love and attention.

What Type Of Mystical Angel are you? WITH BEAUTIFYL YUKIRIN PICS (if you can't see what the word is, then highlight it)
brought to you by Quizilla

Well, at least I didn't get a perky-peppy-hyperhappy anime picture....that's a plus.

You are Broken.
Someone has greatly hurt you, and you do not want
to forgive them. You now live in the shadows,
and always think of the negatives of things.
You have a few close friends, and tend to be
more of a loner. Try to be more social, and
you'll soon come out of your shell.

What Kind of Angel Do You Represent? (Awesome Pictures!)
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Um....yeah. Right. Stop picking on me. *goes off and finds another frickin' angel quiz....nrrgg...*

Messenger Angel!
You are the bringer of good news and things to
come. You are chosen for your ability to reach
people and your honesty. You are probably more
connected to your sixth sense than others and
you are highly intelligent. You are a person
who can get a point across without raising your
voice or a fist. Your Intelligence and
friendliness is admired both on earth and in

What kind of Angel will you be? ( With pics!!!!!! not anime i'm tired of those)
brought to you by Quizilla

See, I can be positive...though, I did retake and angle a bit to opt out of being an Angel of Worship and Praise....eeegh.... Yep, don't need to raise my voice or a fist, just these....Ginsus--ah, right, there they Right. Stop picking on me.

Ah, here's more idle mental fodder:

-Neo-Classical School-

People commit crimes because the reward outweighs
the punishment for them; i.e. they make a
rational decision to do so. What makes this
school different from the classical school is
that when it comes to punishment, the
neo-classical school allows for mitigating

What criminological school are you?
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Well, duh, I'm a Libra....what the hell do you expect? Balance, balance, balance, balance...maybe a little desperate recklessness once in a while....must bring balance to the Force....*wanders off muttering direly...*

tribal tattoo
Tribal tattoo
This style reveals a quiet yet tough personality.
Tribal tattoos usually have no specific
design nor meaning, but the overall basis is a
sense of belonging and bravery.

Tattoo Art!! What'd be your style?(w/pics)-read memo.
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