New Yahell least until I update it furthermore later on this weekend:

Yahoo! Avatars

Yahoo! Avatars

Lightened up, that image does tend to look a bit elven, don't you think? Not that most avatars don't, of course, but that the features were more hidden behind the mysterious dark aviator sunglasses that show on my IM.

I'll tinker with that in PS to get it looking the way it ought to -- really, it oughtto be either dark shades or no glasses atall. Like this:

=(Bugger, it's not registering the change.......)=

But anyhow.....well, 'tis the season for warm-weather avatars. Do feel free to comment on my relative lack of clothing......on IM I've also ditched the shades and gained an earring. :-|
As updated for the season and the holidays....

Yahoo! Avatars

As you can see, I have rather little interest in pretending to be normal....:-|



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