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( Sep. 30th, 2009 02:18 am)

....I'm turning 33 next Tuesday (at 1:29 am, befitting my night-owl habits).  Make of that what you will...some might think that it warrants a certain degree of paranoia, or at least (as per Mel Brooks) a mental chorus of "Destiny, destiny -- no escaping that for me!"

I suppose we shall see.  I shall mention, bye the bye, that 2012, when I shall turn 36, is the Year of the Dragon -- and a very fiery Dragon I am indeed.

Oh crap.  I just thought up a horribly witty pun for an ornamental pencil-cup.  Feel free to respond with a virtual groan if you happen to land on it -- and then you can expect to see the objets themselves amongst my holiday giftwares.  Because yes, I am just that obnoxious and irreverent. 




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