....and a bit of batting about to tenderize...

Much venting of ginsu-sharpness -- first conversational prose, then tending into a more poetic vein. The language most frequently used is not exactly polite, but then again, some people have really been asking for it from me and not yet received their due. Chances are they won't choose to read beneath this cut, either... )

I suppose it's rather kathartic, moving from merciless bloodsport-railing to rhapsody....serves a good purpose anyhow, as I've not had the time nor particular energy to mount specific and direct rejoinders to the irritants that have bugged me, let alone much of a mood for constructive poetry. I did write a rather interesting one just the other night, but it must be posted both vaguely and confidentially -- or so openly as fiction as to give no sign that it warrants real pretense.

Good question. You may have noticed (or not) that I've updated and customised my profile text to be a bit more sophisticated looking and a bit more deadly-warningish....but believe me, I do have my reasons for issuing the caveat, lest people think that I'm a far nicer and more pushovery person than I actually am. Everyone has their snapping points -- I think it's only fair that I should state the existence of mine up front, rather than having people think they have impunity with me (while playing standoffish on their own). And that applies regardless of any online or offline status-marker that you can choose to lean on -- it simply won't fly: if you fuck around with me, you will get burned. Burned, flayed, sliced, diced and made into curly fries...to coin a phrase.

Luckily, anyone who's stayed actively on my flist thus far is not likely to be in that position...hah, that's 'cause I actually read profiles up front....wow, what a concept...:-| It's the more common-and-callous thing known as online group interaction that tends to have asswipes baying for my blood when I dare to apply my intellect in their general vicinity. Somehow it pisses them off that I have something stronger than mere personal opinions or even beliefs entailed in my philosophy....oh, and theology, but let's not go there quite yet. I even have had people trying to screw with me when I'd personally approved their memberships as moderator in my own groups. I don't know why people think that they can take me for granted or walk all over me just 'cause I don't announce myself as an egotistical asshole right off the bat.

But no more of that -- at least not here. I may not spout myself off as being affiliated with this, that and the other in the highest and most secret-&-revered degrees, but at least I have the dignity and honour to stand by my own name and nothing more. If you don't like it, that's your problem....I'm sick and tired of being blamed for others' irrationality and weaseling about their own lack of self-distinction, purpose, insight, ambitions, ethics or principles. If you've had to deal with any of my pointed rants before (all entendres intended), you probably have a good idea of the type I mean. People who are too weak to be honest....they always have to lean on something else instead. Their quantity of nominal friends, their quantity of groups, the grand esoteric jargon and regalia of their make-believe worlds, their pomp and oh-so-serious insular circumstance, their vicious contrariness, their smothering fluffiness, their acerbic hostility and kneejerk snarkings against anything that shakes the status quo of "You've got your world; I've got mine -- and neither of them is 'real' enough to mean we have to do anything atall with our lives."

(Hmm, let's see how many characters I can channel at once.....)

I have purpose to my life. That purpose does not require being submitted to a committee of entrenched cyberelders in order to exist, or indeed to be more real than they are themselves. I have the certainty that I am not delusional in my awarenesses, and have tested myself on that point many times -- why then should I have to be patient with those who attack the sanity of anyone who mentions that there's more than the merely-material surface of things to be seen, or more to my soul than the present lifespan and its trappings. Or that I have a soul atall, a point that cannot be disproved within me. If I have a soul and know it, then those who claim there's no such thing must be a tad lacking, ne c'est pas? I have no obligation to coddle their mentalities by pretending to be something less than I am. Hell, it's hard enough pretending to be a normal human atall, without these hypermechanistic subjectivists trying to force their view on the rest of us and call it progress.

Same thing with free will, by the way...physical conditions and restrictions of consciousness are real-but-temporal things -- the fact is, we all make choices that are as free and conscious as we are ourselves. Don't blame others for having more awareness....that's the argument of a blindfish, not even a man, railing against those who have seen in the old Platonic cave. It's rather inimical to self-evolution, you know...

Heh, I'm rambling vehemently and I'm far more than half-serious. Take it as you will, but I'm waxing so philosophical that perhaps I ought to slice a bit off and see if I've inadvertantly embalmed Carolyn Jones underneath....:-?

But to conclude......so I added a warning to my welcome. It's not uncommon, these days, and I do think it's a good deal less standoffish than many a profile I've seen so far. Hardly untoward or unwarranted, in these lawless and uncivil times. To mangle a quote, "All you need ever know is that I am no one to be fucked with."


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