Okay, quiz up......this is, when I actually-and-finally toss in all the applicable elements withot regard for self-contradiction, fairly accurate. Even so, I went for yet another (more obsessive) view....

you are olive

Your dominant hues are red and green, so you're definately not afraid to get in and stir things up. You have no time for most people's concerns, you'd rather analyze with your head than be held back by some random "gut feeling".

Your saturation level is very high - you are all about getting things done. The world may think you work too hard but you have a lot to show for it, and it keeps you going. You shouldn't be afraid to lead people, because if you're doing it, it'll be done right.

Your outlook on life can be bright or dark, depending on the situation. You are flexible and see things objectively.
the spacefem.com html color quiz

you are darkredviolet

Your dominant hues are red and magenta. You love doing your own thing and going on your own adventures, but there are close friends you know you just can't leave behind. You can influence others on days when you're patient, but most times you just want to go out, have fun, and do your own thing.

Your saturation level is high - you get into life and have a strong personality. Everyone you meet will either love you or hate you - either way, your goal is to get them to change the world with you. You are very hard working and don't have much patience for people without your initiative.

Your outlook on life is slightly darker than most people's. You try to see things for what they are and face situations honestly. You'd rather get to the point than look for what's good.
the spacefem.com html color quiz

That......sounds like me, except that my definition of "fun" is rather broad and non-conventional (what a trite & arbitrary word to use...). I really can't think of anyone who knows me well that has a "neutral" opinion of me -- it's either really good, really bad, or occasionally both at once (which is certainly not the same as no opinion atall). And I certainly haven't always much patience, that's for certain.

Leading.....hmm. Yeah, could use to do some more definite leading, instead of always the hand-holding and discreet mentoring/"listening". There are quite a few areas that need a firm hand and judicious use of verbal discipline. And rules....my rules...for those that don't already listen to them and take me seriously (heaven sakes, why the hell do those people not listen in the first place???).

Yep. My Yahell groups are in need of a scathing and honing and purging, methinks. And if people don't get already that there's a major difference between tabletop D&D and freeform text-roleplaying (seeing as I've been trying to clarify it over the past few months now, I'm frankly out of patience with them too. Since when is articulate verbal precision so daunting to encounter, and since when is having literary/acting principles a mortal sin? "Fun", you say...? -- I'll show you fun, dammit.....it'll blow your mind, maybe, and skin the cover off a raging kettle of acutest psychodrama, but it'll be fun for me....:-|
Good question. You may have noticed (or not) that I've updated and customised my profile text to be a bit more sophisticated looking and a bit more deadly-warningish....but believe me, I do have my reasons for issuing the caveat, lest people think that I'm a far nicer and more pushovery person than I actually am. Everyone has their snapping points -- I think it's only fair that I should state the existence of mine up front, rather than having people think they have impunity with me (while playing standoffish on their own). And that applies regardless of any online or offline status-marker that you can choose to lean on -- it simply won't fly: if you fuck around with me, you will get burned. Burned, flayed, sliced, diced and made into curly fries...to coin a phrase.

Luckily, anyone who's stayed actively on my flist thus far is not likely to be in that position...hah, that's 'cause I actually read profiles up front....wow, what a concept...:-| It's the more common-and-callous thing known as online group interaction that tends to have asswipes baying for my blood when I dare to apply my intellect in their general vicinity. Somehow it pisses them off that I have something stronger than mere personal opinions or even beliefs entailed in my philosophy....oh, and theology, but let's not go there quite yet. I even have had people trying to screw with me when I'd personally approved their memberships as moderator in my own groups. I don't know why people think that they can take me for granted or walk all over me just 'cause I don't announce myself as an egotistical asshole right off the bat.

But no more of that -- at least not here. I may not spout myself off as being affiliated with this, that and the other in the highest and most secret-&-revered degrees, but at least I have the dignity and honour to stand by my own name and nothing more. If you don't like it, that's your problem....I'm sick and tired of being blamed for others' irrationality and weaseling about their own lack of self-distinction, purpose, insight, ambitions, ethics or principles. If you've had to deal with any of my pointed rants before (all entendres intended), you probably have a good idea of the type I mean. People who are too weak to be honest....they always have to lean on something else instead. Their quantity of nominal friends, their quantity of groups, the grand esoteric jargon and regalia of their make-believe worlds, their pomp and oh-so-serious insular circumstance, their vicious contrariness, their smothering fluffiness, their acerbic hostility and kneejerk snarkings against anything that shakes the status quo of "You've got your world; I've got mine -- and neither of them is 'real' enough to mean we have to do anything atall with our lives."

(Hmm, let's see how many characters I can channel at once.....)

I have purpose to my life. That purpose does not require being submitted to a committee of entrenched cyberelders in order to exist, or indeed to be more real than they are themselves. I have the certainty that I am not delusional in my awarenesses, and have tested myself on that point many times -- why then should I have to be patient with those who attack the sanity of anyone who mentions that there's more than the merely-material surface of things to be seen, or more to my soul than the present lifespan and its trappings. Or that I have a soul atall, a point that cannot be disproved within me. If I have a soul and know it, then those who claim there's no such thing must be a tad lacking, ne c'est pas? I have no obligation to coddle their mentalities by pretending to be something less than I am. Hell, it's hard enough pretending to be a normal human atall, without these hypermechanistic subjectivists trying to force their view on the rest of us and call it progress.

Same thing with free will, by the way...physical conditions and restrictions of consciousness are real-but-temporal things -- the fact is, we all make choices that are as free and conscious as we are ourselves. Don't blame others for having more awareness....that's the argument of a blindfish, not even a man, railing against those who have seen in the old Platonic cave. It's rather inimical to self-evolution, you know...

Heh, I'm rambling vehemently and I'm far more than half-serious. Take it as you will, but I'm waxing so philosophical that perhaps I ought to slice a bit off and see if I've inadvertantly embalmed Carolyn Jones underneath....:-?

But to conclude......so I added a warning to my welcome. It's not uncommon, these days, and I do think it's a good deal less standoffish than many a profile I've seen so far. Hardly untoward or unwarranted, in these lawless and uncivil times. To mangle a quote, "All you need ever know is that I am no one to be fucked with."
No, actually I do mean me, seeing as I just basically tore a group owner a (rather polite) new asshole for not knowing how to hold her group members to a standard of rationality and non-paranoia, because it was makin' people like me not want to waste their time with it even landing in their mailbox.

Instead, I choose to spend my time (and forward all my better posts from that unfruiitful bit of sojourning) to a couple of my own groups, the latter of them rather new --
hyperlucidity and Religioholics Anonymous, where I have a policy of keeping things articulate, substantiated and sane no matter what the topic is......well, except for my occasional extemporaneous "sermons", but I claim executive audacity on that, not the privilege of never being challenged.....lol   Anyone else can do the same and with the same risks, except that I am unlikely (and unable) to remove myself for being a rude and insufferable fanatic.

I'm rather proud of myself, though.....not once in this whole little chain of posts did I actually deride the :uberposter I was pissed about for his "really-really-bad-for-a-supposed-authority-on-anything" writing and punctuation skills. And it would have been so easy too.....honestly, I don't know why the group-owner has any respect for his information atall, if he's so obviously crack'd in tha haid and hair-trigger defensive. Maybe he was kidnapped by aliens and they made his brain go weird so nobody would believe him :-|

*sigh*   Anyhow.......yeah, I've lost a lot of my tolerance for mindless rhetorical flamewars lately, however that happened -- at any rate, I tend not to go places looking for them unless I'm in a very rare and ravenous pissed-off mood already. At least I know that I can handle things rationally and reasonably within my own territories.....there are only a couple other group owners/mods I know whom I feel I can trust to do the same. I've had quite a few bad run-ins with owners/mods who couldn't run their own groups intelligently and didn't want anyone else trying to help 'em remedy the situation.

So. That's been my entertainment, and if you're in hyperlucidity you'll be seeing this correspondence turn up in person for your perusal. And then you can tell me what a bad, mean, wicked, arrogant, intolerant, autocratic bloody son-of-a-bitch I am. 

Oh, and take my bloody picture...for the bloody newspaper....
--Otherwise known as the one without any personality quizzes and enigmatically-leading comments thereon. The one that I have set up to look like a serious document-type thing with serious and scholarly observations. Well, most of the time...I do still lapse into the vernacular on when the spirit moves me.

My most worldly-serious and pointed stuff, often gleaned and more-formally elaborated from my news/discussion group hyperlucidity, goes to my Blogspot blog, Aureantes' Realm -- paranoid gold in a gilt-plastic world, the real complexity:

Some of what's in my mind, aimed for public consumption at least, though I've got a few more-specialized lairs about the Internet. Analysis, commentary, and the occasional sampling of other work from my other sites. If you like it, follow my links...though it may sometimes be a bit of a mental scavenger hunt...

I could use some traffic and feedback there, seeing as it's not a friendslist-type dealy but a real nest of un-networked blogs all going at the same time. As a matter of fact, I could certainly use more traffic here too.....I mean, I don't bite--wait a sec...:-? Yes, I do bite.../:)....but not unless invited or distinctly provoked.

And I'm busy enough handling offline life these days that I want to make sure the stuff I do online isn't going without any return or reaction or other raison d'etre. Testing the links, seeing if anyone's out there to make it worth my time to maintain. Otherwise a whole lot of things are liable to eventually get jettisoned from the craft, 'cause I'm tired of flying at low altitude waiting for people to catch up with me.

...well, in case anyone's just not into that sort of speculation. Anyhow. I'm eagerly anticipating the arrival of my lovely Litharriel in the morn, and hoping that I give myself enough sleep (I'm notorious on this count) to wake up on time and be able to put myself together decently to head into the city and meet her.

In other news....

I made a very amusing little poll re explanations for Bush's resting heartrate on my Hyperlucidity newsgroup - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hyperlucidity - but no one but Litharriel and myself has yet responded. I'm a bit peeved...I mean, sure I said I needed a break from regular posting there, but that's 'cause it's been burning me out delving through the news to accumulate the needful shite. And I have posted some shite lately anyhow, just to see if people are alive...(I know you're out there -- I can see the posts of your blogs!). I need more activity from the other members, not less just 'cause I'm tired...!--and by the way, it would be reassuring to know that others there that I don't talk to regularly actually understand something of what I'm trying to get at with that group.

I certainly think I've tried to spell it out enough times....*growls*

Gah. Anyhow...I'm still trying to get back into action (the group kind) with my ongoing roleplays, which have been stalled practically forever due to one delay or another...on my side, trying to juggle everything in creation, most particularly spending the bulk of my online time trying to glean meaningful news for Hyper. I'm damn frustrated with this, people...none of this was ever supposed to be more a chore than a mission.

On the offline side, my mother's and my run of her play "Butter Without a Bagel" is now concluded, and we got great response on it, especially considering that it was basically a 2-person show and I had to run the lights myself, plus singing and being a designated smartass. And I designed all the promotionals and the press release, managed the mailing list and handled all the email correspondence with the newspapers....next up, possibly/probably directing the play for November. Might even have a deal for dial-up at the condo so I'm no longer disconnected from my entire social life and life's work on those nights away from the house... >:)

Life is good, 'Ancient Pine Resin' has disappeared from the Internet altogether it seems, and I am looking forward to tomorrow night and some long-awaited socializing and interesting investigations. Hopefully this time cher Nikolai will not be put in the position of standing me/us up again...... /:)

Okay, otherfolks, this is the place where you get the dirt on joining the Anderen FAQ as a fully-recognized poster....with all the rights and privileges appertaining thereunto.  Whether you're currently a member of the groups on Yahell or not, this is the front info portal where what you say can really make a difference in helping people understand what we're about.

If you are interested in helping sustain and promote this LJ community by your activity, please answer the following questions -- neatness and originality will be taken into account.  If I like your responses, I'll either approve your pending application or send you a personal invitation.  This entry will also serve as a personal record of active community members, so I will delete the responses of all that do not pass the bar (after giving a fair chance to ask/explain why they didn't pass muster).  Although, I don't really expect many people to go to the effort of putting in their application without being qualified for the position.  

A.)  What is your interest in the 'Anderen' concept, and how does it connect with your identity and involvements so far? 

B.)  What (if any) responsibility do you think that otherfolk in general have to their societies and humanity as a whole?  

C.)  Are you currently an owner, co-moderator or active poster/participant in groups that relate to this area/cluster?  If not (or so), are you interested in opportunities for research, activism, outreach or possible publications/media collaboration in this area?  (Please indicate interests & group affiliations--this is not a pass/fail question, just trying to get a clearer picture) 

D.)  What do you consider the least-credible form of otherness that is generally out and about these days, and why?

=(Sign with your preferred usename, please)=

Thank you, and do watch out for the Killer Rabbit of Caer Banog....it's one of the very few 'fluffy bunnies' allowed on the premises.

Verticle Oracle card Libra (September 23-October 22)
If you own a Jaguar luxury automobile, it's an excellent time to redo the leather interior. If you live in a trailer park on the other side of the railroad tracks, the moment is right to cover up the faux wood paneling with fancy wallpaper. And if you don't fall into either of those categories, meditate on how you might redecorate the inside of your world, from the physical environments you frequent to the interior walls of your imagination.


Well, I can think of a few places I frequent and/or have created entire that could use a good ambiential overhauling.  Such as my cluttered home where I want to throw things out the windows.  

And also, such as the many groups I have where people somehow don't seem to have an idea why the thing exists, much less understand its "mission" enough to share it, participate more and take some of the load off of me sustaining the damn things.  Agenda for groups and life in general: CLARIFY CLARIFY CLARIFY......the old wallpaper is a bit too subtle to be taken in by most (not that most is always good) -- what we need is a big bold and unabashed mural to show exactly what these visions are, if indeed worthy visions they be for me to spend the time and energy on them atall.
Though, a little patience is required to get the damn thing in order! Okay, here's the deal -- I run an RPG that's been going for around three years but has been losing players, either on personal dislike of the plot twists, or 'cause they didn't feel up to my writing level, or because I had issues with their not posting or playing well with others. Which is all a pity, 'cause the premise is an interesting one, and I'd like to see it get the quality attention it deserves. Unfortunately, in order to get the game in a state for new players, we have to re-write/edit a good deal of it to bring it into what I'd call a state of consistency with its own evolution.

So.....I've given the remaining active/prospective players time to join the OOC (out-of-character) group I've set up, so that we can talk things over and plan what we really want the story and character relationships to be (Readers can stay where they are). After that point, I'm going to start re-writing and forward-posting the story from start to present point .  In the meantime, new players are welcome to join -- especially if they have good writing skills, don't mind a little research to keep things in historical/cultural perspective, and are good at interacting with other characters in a believable way, as there's much to react to and use as catalyst here. The OOC group very soon will be [is now] the only place that message-posting will be allowed till message transfer is finished, and that's where we'll haggle out the details of what's happening/happened/going to happen. There'll be significant plot/post recycling, but if we have character writers on board to help it out with their input, so much the better for when we get back to playing in the present. 

[As I was just saying recently, the general story
arc is going to stay the same, as we have to be able to get back to where we were and resume, but some of the subplots and scenes and character details/reactions/interactions are certainly subject to change]

Here's the details (UPDATED AS OF SEPTEMBER 2008):

The Mummy: Secrets of the Past

Gamesite: http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/The_Mummy_Secrets_of_the_Past/  
Backstage (private, required to play): http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/Secrets_of_the_Past_OOC/  

Format: Yahoo group, play-by-post, w/ some scenes IMd and compiled between players.  Posting frequency is generally not extremely high when game is on, varying between 1 post per week to a few per night when multiple players are online and the plot is hot

Genre: The Mummy/The Mummy Returns (set around a year and a half after the second movie, and opening in late January 1935); the Mummy "threequel" is not in our hypothetical timeline

Contact: aureantyev at yahoo dot com (that'd be me)

Age limit or Rating:  18+/R-rated, for graphic, suggestive, violent and sexual material

Deadline: Open-ended in general, but get your reservations in soon if you want to assume any of the specified roles below, as we do want to get a writing sample & preferences in hand and be able to decide fairly who's best for the characters that have already been "started."

Game Info:  Character-driven play-by-post, semi-planned plot points/arcs, somewhere between free roleplay and fan fiction. Good writing, observation and acting/description skills greatly desired; reliable group communication essential. If you don't like reading don't join, 'cause this is some complex and absorbing reading, and you'll have to do a bit of it from the start to keep up, considering how far the plot has twisted.  At present we are still doing a bit of back-editing and rewriting from earlier material to make the story player-friendly and consistent.  We also have a number of readers on the game group, so good presentation is definitely desired. 

Synopsis: Evy and Jonathan have gone out on a last-fling expedition in Egypt before Evy takes over at the British Museum, but they find more than the "lost temple" they were looking for when Jonathan falls under the spell of a reincarnated sorceress from a very-long-ago past that involves all of them -- with family and enemies they never knew they had.

Possible Objectionable Elements: Nazis/Nazi sympathizers, Arabs, profanity, racism, magic & witchcraft, vampirism, feral shapeshifting, suggestive situations, graphic violence & murder, raising of dead bodies, prominent past-life backstory, past-life marriage of present siblings, bisexual eroticism and possible outright slash, transgender characters physically changing sex, and graphic sexual activity while in a partially-animal form. Plus Jonathan not being a total ninny.

There, that grab you any? I put in everything I could think of...:D

Characters Needed: Many openings will come up and new OCs are fine once game is resumed, but major characters needed (if player input is to be considered while backplot is still being revised/edited) are Rick O'Connell (who is a major investment and requires some back-reading), plus a variety of Medjai characters, including members of Ardeth's family (his father, his betrothed bride Laila, the Medjai warriors in his company, maybe his mother/other relatives, plus a nephew in his late teens (Tarik)).  Incidentally, I'm playing Jonathan Carnahan...heh, betcha didn't see that one coming...plus the major villains so far. There are also a couple of longlost Carnahan sibs (Matthew & Emma) planned, with Emma already cast; a young runaway British heiress/adventuress (Axia), and a few of Jonathan's old chums to be dealt with once we get back to Cairo.  Rick & Evy's son Alex may or may not appear in the near future, as he's technically off at either Eton or Harrow.  There's also some previously-unknown relatives via Rick's (non-canon) older brother -- exact details to be shared & rehashed as needed.  The OOC group has a running list of characters, with detailed profiles and information on what may be changed via negotiations with me and/or the other ongoing players.

Anyhow......if you enjoy writing and immersing yourself in a detailed roleplay-scenario where your knowledge counts and your characters can live in more-than-perfunctory complexity, drop me a line...we are definitely hoping to get some new and interested blood....>:)

...and I'm neither going to name names or quote the precise passage, but it all has to do with a place called Lothlorien...which I've never been to yet, but I think it'd be a wonderful place to stay awhile--pity there's so much bad residue in my mind from things of a past entanglement.  Anyhow, here's the stung retort to the lofty(?) reply to what was intended as a fairly mild and reserved comment:

"Well, I don't particularly like people forbidding my own (extremely moderate) use of alcohol outright, certainly, but the rest of it certainly ain't a problem--point is, that was someone else telling me what the rules were, and in a very pompous and overblownly-"reverent" way, assuming moreover that I was "under his wing" so far as behaviour and accountability went, even though I was fully a legal adult.  He was what they sometimes refer to as a "magical bully"--and a damn lech too.

Don't think that I'm the one making any perceptions yet about the place (seeing as I've never yet gotten the chance to go) except that I won't be talked down to or berated about it.  I don't go places where I feel that I'm not welcome, and so I have made no attempt to push myself into these circles.  My former friend was a major blowhard and loved to get all officious about ceremonies and the "proper" way of doing things, so don't be so surprised I'd have a bit of a chip lingering there about people giving me shite.  I had a dream about Lothlorien once, that it was very close and calling to me--rather like that short story about the woman who kept dreaming about a perfect house, and finally found it, and the owners were selling it because it was haunted--by her, the twist was.  Anyhow, who knows?--I've been put off enough times by people full of themselves and wanting to pull a rank or a guilt trip that I'm not in the mood--I'd rather wait for a sign that things are right and intended and welcoming for ME than get in a useless argument with people who haven't the faintest idea of me.  Or what it is that I find most "repressive" in organized areas--believe me, it's not the land itself, as I know that it has no reason to push me away.  It's always the people, always the agenda and the presence of something established and insular and tribal that repels in every case where it does not feel like a welcome. 

But then, I think too much....everyone knows that.

Oh, I hope to read your post sometime."

Oh, yes--of course, and I likely will read it.  Well, I'm hardly the social butterfly that I could be in this day and age, but then that sort of cheery pan-sociability might require me not thinking quite so seriously as I do for myself.  I'm an artist, not a collector, not an impresario passing about the latest buzz--and frankly, I waste my time trying to keep people interested in things and groups of mine if they don't really want to be there.  But I try to give people a place, I try not to assume their motives as unworthy, I try not to cut them down.  I attack no one without provocation, I try to give fair credit where credit's due....

So how dare people assume the worst and the shallowest of me?--how DARE they try to put me down with a sanctimonious word, chiding my perceptions and apprehensions as flawed?  And how dare they step on me, even unknowingly, not knowing where the apple has sunk in or their foot has broken through into the hole itself, that lightless oubliette....? 

How dare I give them weapons?--how dare I lay myself bare in the least?  Am I not worthy enough wherever I want to go, as the land itself would call me?--am I not above hints and wistful sighs, and wishing that the poisons of the past would be willingly drawn out by other lips?  Say no more--grant no more to those who give nothing themselves, who are not me, who do not understand.  I am more than this!!!--I am no one's begger at the gate, no one's penitent sprawled on the steps of the temple.  I go where I will go, and if the gates do not open then curst shall be them that deny.  I am no less, and I have short patience these days.  If they do not know what I am, then how dare they judge my thoughts?

Ah, but it remains true, more or less--I don't go where I'm not wanted, I merely wander around, lone and sinister being that I am--stealing about, slipping between the shadows of the tribal fires, holding to my own haven-territories, where none dare try to cut me down with impunity.

Until the soon-coming fiery time of my own, when I get pissed off enough at last to start blowing houses in...


[The following is a personal email I sent tonight that happens to fall into the most-recent topic at hand, and to form part of my overall manifesto against people trying to maintain their online group franchises without any consideration for the actual people within said group, when it's admittedly formed for a social contact and identity support purpose in the first place.  I.e., "networking" with all members' advertising restricted to that which does them no material benefit....great way to help promote the survival of one's species....]

Okay, I am rather pissed with your fellow Branch Head's attitude, and I'm wary how representative it is of policies and attitudes from "above"....not that I'm a selfish money-grubbing person, but I really really (just check my recent LJ entries) detest people trying to restrict others from getting any attention to their own work and endeavours outside the group/organization per se.  It's been pissing me off for a while, and I've been venting on it most vocally to my friends, and then something like this comes up in *here*....naturally enough, from a (nearly) middle-aged, brusque and by-the-bylaws *person* who is probably a technical Elder of something-something....sheesh, if you know me atall you know that I hate the type...

Anyhow, just wanting a response from you as to how much of a problem situation this is, for a person who really can't afford atall to do everything in life either pro bono or without a right to publicity. I have gotten in trouble before with groups for asserting that there's a difference between spam and mentioning relevant outside things, even when they weren't for profit. Arbitrary rules piss me off, especially in a time and place where less and less can people afford to spend voluntary time and energy without due recompense. That's the way of the corporate slave-sucking world--we ought to be better than that.

At any rate, that's my rant for the evening/rest of the week, and I'd like to hear your thoughts, as someone who will not automatically dismiss me as a meretriciously trolling upstart.


(whose *own* website, as it stands, is right here...and whose local (Greater Chicago) artists networking group is right here--the Starving Artists' Forum...)



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