Just in this early-morn via headline-sampler in my Yahell Mail...

Conservatives shop sex ops ban to GOP

The federal government would be banned from funding sex change operations and other services for transgender individuals if social conservative activists get their way.

 There’s no sponsor yet for an amendment to the health care overhaul – and it may remain in the dustbin of unrealized wedge issues – but culture warriors are shopping the proposal to Republican senators.  (Full article at Politico.com)

Obviously, it can't just be assumed that healthcare reform is going to be automatically inclusive of everyone who's heretofore been marginalized by the system -- political/rhetorical pressure needs to be applied in support of trans rights to relevant medical coverage, because it's imminently being applied against them, on the same "social values" grounds as the pressure already being exerted to ban any governmental funding of abortions via public healthcare option (the issues are naturally lumped together as moral bugaboos by social conservatives, if you haven't noticed...).  

So, basically....politicians need a good kick in the arse from their trans constituents and everyone else who cares about actual social equality, before this evasion has any chance to get slipped in and undermine real healthcare reform for some of the people who need it most and have the largest obstacles in getting appropriate healthcare in the first place.  

The entire point of any publically-funded and publically-accountable system, be it healthcare, judiciary or otherwise, is that it must not be allowed to discriminate against any citizen merely on account of the social/religious prejudices of other citizens -- even if the biased are actually in the majority (even Hammurabi understood that might does not make right, as he affirmed the primary purpose of law as protecting the powerless against the powerful).  

Trans people are not criminals nor sexual offenders for being as they are, yet are consistently attacked, demonized and/or trivialized by social conservatives, and marginalized in employment, everyday interactions, and most of all in access to gender-affirming healthcare.  So anyone who endorses this legislative exclusion or merely condones it, regardless what other good they may have done for humanity, is a bigot of the most insidious and damnable type, who's essentially missed the point of the last half-century and more of U.S. progress in civil human rights.  Do feel free to borrow my invective.





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