....at least insofar as anyone's getting to read them, that is. I always get intensely moody around Christmas (don't ask unless you really wanna know...), and it's kinda built up to near-breakingpoint this year, especially given that so many people who claim to be Christians are such utter assholes to their fellow human beings that I really wish I could forcibly strip them of the title and all of its pious pretense, regardless of how high up they are in whatever hierarchy of religious profession...yes, you probably have a good idea which people I'm referring to, in the wide world of Pharisaical chauvinism. They don't even deserve to sing Christmas carols...of course, I don't think that hypocrisy in singing is ever a good idea, but it's really disgusting to prate and preach and pipe about the meaning of this season when one is not prepared to live it out and help create the "kingdom of heaven" on earth -- which means in the sense of grace, not of forcible theocracy. Force was never part of the formula, contrary to the desires of so many a Jewish nationalist under the Roman yoke, or the fiat of the Emperor Constantine in spreading and maintaining his earthly territory....just see how little has been learned down through the ages.

Enh. I'd better not share the pissed unless I'm willing to get into the rest of my current feelings, but it's a tad late to be thorough and circumspect, plus I've had some extremely messed up working hours and sleep these past few days. Have a little patience and I'll share (most of) what's really on my mind......in the meantime, have some erratic holiday cheer...

It's 4:37 am, I'm tired, relatively disinhibited and messing around with randomizers.....fun.... )

(If you worship your holiday beverages, btw, does that make you an eggnogstic? See Muad'dib for more on the saving grace of irreverence...)
Just to clarify regarding the previous entry.....I am not unaware of the massive genetic commonality between the major historical inhabitants of the 'British Isles' entire, as that is the big news lately there.....being of English-and-Scottish descent is not much different from being Irish -- except in terms of the culture. And I haven't got issues with culture except when people are bass-ackwards arseholes within and without their own turf, so that's not any sort of real general issue there these days. Actually, if one goes back far enough in the course of history......well, let's not go back "ancient times" on everyone, shall we? -- but at any rate, I'm sure that I have been Irish at some point. It's still not worth getting all ritually-conformist over, imho...

"Blood" is not merely made up of physically-genetic material but of cultural experiences and all the evolved traits that get ingrained into a people in the course of their travails and strife and struggles. Some have very similar struggles, and yet wind up meeting them in significantly different ways -- not saying that one is better or worse overall as that they have different impacts and role-impressions on those who come after in the lineage -- and those are the things that one embraces or not in the blood, and must make do with as they are learned and recognised. Perhaps it's largely mindgame, that one will have a different visceral response to hearing one ethnic or national name over another...and yet that mindgame's been being played for centuries and on both sides to build it up so strong.

Perhaps a little "deconstruction" of such things is in order, if people can take apart the conflation of trait with technicality -- seeing as we are, vis-a-vis "Britain", so much more alike than not...and vis-a-vis humanity in general, stronger in goodly mixture than when isolated and enforced to "purity". Perhaps we can look more clearly at our real similarities/commonalities, and our real and individual differences as well, and what they really mean....

(But that still means no more pinching in the bars, ya loutish drunken oafs....and everyone else as well...:P)
And all for the sake of near-obsessive-compulsive accuracy, tryin' to be spontaneous enough to catch my own conscience......"Tell me, o quiz, what am I really?" -- yeah, like I need to take a quiz to know by now.

So, nothin' wrong with bein' a spiritual type, is there...?

But then on the other hand.....hmm, stripey........:-|

You scored as Otherkin. You are Otherkin. You identify with otherworldy beings and feel you are truly something other than human. You are only biding your time here until you can return to where you truly belong. You seek others who share your yearnings and spend your time commiserating with those you like and mocking the ones you don't.










White Lighter


True Alternative




Aimless Eclectic


What Subversive Alternative Paradigm Are You?
created with QuizFarm.com

Um, yeah.....wrong sex there, not to mention I ain't that much of an other-elitist asshole (wait...am I? :-S...). If "here" means the world of nature and material existence, I'm not too virulently against being here, or into bemoaning that "I just don't belong"......that refers to the typical "mundane" human world/social structure, 'kay? And even so.....well, it's a bit late to be complaining about landing in it again. It's a dirty job, ya know, but someone's gotta do it....:-|


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