I already did the whole OpenID thing using this URL....and hopefully they'll consider that sufficient for sending me an invite code to set up a real account, as I was given to believe would be the case. 

If, however, the 30th comes and goes and I don't get one for being a good sport.....well, I'd like one.  Seeing as I'm so bloody near-broke and all that, and also because the world really deserves to have as much of my scintillating wit as possible.

Oh yeah....example, right here: 

I was commenting to my mother tonight that the can of Trader Joe's medium-roast blended coffee we had sitting on counter said right there on the label that they had "married" estate-grown beans from Guatemala with estate-grown beans from Papua New Guinea...and that you'd think someone was bound to have an issue with that.   (*wink-wink, nudge-nudge*)

She agreed emphatically.  (" ")

But afterall, they're both still beans, regardless of their origin....

"...and aren't we, all of us, just human beans...?"

Yeah, yeah, I know........*snickers*   Works though, doesn't it?

[This is the recurring thought that cropped up and kept me laughing pseudo-insanely to myself today (and berating myself out loud for being so weird, moreover) despite having had an excruciatingly painful accident less than half an hour before that, which still hurts like hell whenever moved or impinged upon. A hypothetical week in pictures, under the cut....]

A hypothetical week, from a hypothetical diary......... )
Fire at will.........>:) 

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Yeah, I just had to go and say it........*wicked grin*


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