Libra Horoscope for week of October 1, 2009....

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Is there a big difference between your current job and your beloved career? Do you suffer from the unsettling feeling that your calling hasn't called you yet? Are you under the impression that your main reason for being here on Earth may reveal itself at some unknown time in the future, but not anytime soon? If you answered no to all those questions, congrats! You are more than halfway toward living a victorious life. But if you answered yes to at least one question, it's high time to take action. Start by formulating an intention to find out what you need to know in order to deal with the problem more aggressively. The cosmic forces are arrayed in such a way as to reward you for doing so.

Not that my calling hasn't been at least partially revealed already, or been calling and nudging me along for awhile now.  Could use some practical triage and clarification, though.


[ "Ils sont indignes de vous!" ]

Verticle Oracle card Libra (September 23-October 22)
Against all odds, you are finally finding a way to quit that nagging "addiction." You're shedding a dependency that isn't worthy of you. You're weaning yourself from a passion that hasn't brought out the best in you. Congratulations on your hard, meticulous work, you epic hero, you. In the aftermath of your exacting struggle, please don't immediately initiate another obsessive relationship with a new mania. Enjoy the benefits of being blank and clean and empty for a while.

Verticle Oracle card

Interpretations and current thoughts... )
Though, you know....I don't think that I'm ever really "blank and clean and empty" -- it just isn't quite the impression for me.  I'm always teeming with something, and the only positive emptiness in my mind is the lack of repression and internalized guilt/constraint -- a clear channel for whatever is to flow through it unimpeded.

Libra Horoscope for week of June 12, 2008

Verticle Oracle card Libra (September 23-October 22)
"I've been all over the world and have lived among every kind of culture," wrote Dan Liebert on, "and I can say, without any hesitation, that the most ignorant, rude, selfish, and self-centered people on Earth are babies." I agree with him, though I've got to add that it's senseless to get mad at babies for being such jerks. Their brains simply aren't sufficiently well-developed to be any different. This line of thought can be applied to a whole range of bad behavior by people who have technically reached adulthood: They engage in ill-advised actions not out of evil intent but because they're emotionally immature. Keep that in mind as you deal with anyone who's doing unreasonable things. Be the composed adult who's in charge of leading the big babies.

So, Mr. Breszny's basically telling me to act my age.......?  Oh boy.

Though, I do tend to be really absentminded about that sometimes.  Funny how being around ultramundane people and stresses can drag you down to their level and make for a really depressing tunnel vision.  Call it ego if you like, but I do have to invoke self-awareness of nobility and being born for higher things in order to engage the grace of noblesse oblige.

(Aurey <= Has a historical tendency to claim divine parentage.....:-|)

Addendum:  Here's the card that was on the main (all signs) horoscope page....

Verticle Oracle card

Hmmm.......ya know, idol hands are the devil's playground....... :-|
Ganked from [ profile] schnee....

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And here's my Harry Potter horoscope...I'm inclined to say that I'm a blatant Gryffindor on this one, seeing as I'm pretty obsessive about justice and always have been that way....anyhow, check it out:

Harry Potter horoscope -- [Libra].... )

So, I guess Aurey'd make a good Auror, then....? :-|
I really ought to start making a list -- some movies are really best watched when drunk. Helps a lot with the suspension of disbelief, and things can hit close to home without...hitting too close to home.

Plus, there is that wonderful invention known as the "blooper reel"...(okay, so everything's put out on DVDs now, so it ain't exactly a reel. Big difference. Wonders of modern technology. :P)

I suppose I ought to say, meanwhile, that my issues with the musical have subsided into, "Well, we've just got to do the best with what we have" -- and really, that's all we can do, though it seems to work best with my stage business and delivery insights, and Kevin's too. He's the second-youngest person in the show, and he's done the leads in Joseph and in Beauty and the Beast locally so far, plus he's a fellow singer/songwriter type, enough so that we two guys are the only ones doing extensive harmony lines on the ensemble numbers (yes, two tenors both dealing with Tom's incorrigible C-Major melody-only lines have to do something to make it interesting and singable). And although he and Kate think that I have a dirty, dirty mind [addendum: okay, it's just that I show it so readily and directly], my hyper all-outness has gotten them all a good bit out of their shells and into hamming it up. I think that my two major objectives are going to be A - working up my tap-dancing and tango, and B - seeing how many accents I can work into the performance (I already have the nicknames "Zorro" and "Dracula", so I may as well work it to the hilt...:-|). My conception of Martin is as a chameleon, and it's showing through quite well -- Kate calls me "Mr. Changing Personalities" at one point, to which I intend to reply, "I'm a Libra -- what do you expect?"

Oh yes, I have found my other happy spot again, faceting merrily/angstily/chipperly along, perhaps with a little Flynny goodness to boot....

[Hmmf. Perhaps more on Libras, faceting and happy spots later. Twins and scales, that's where it's at, ladies and gentlemen -- and you will observe that at no time do my fingers leave my hands. I don't think that the person who made that "Flynny goodness" reference (it was over LotR character resemblances..) is actually following my entries these days, though I think the rest of the web of allusions might be gatherable -- especially if there's a bucket of fish by the fireplace and pore Jud ain't able to die. :P]

As a-lemming we go....... /:)

Lets101 - Free Online Dating

Erm.......yes, that certainly seems to be capture me closely, though I'm not sure I can claim to be "fearless" all the time....just good at bluffing and carrying on stubbornly (or very very bad at caving in and surrendering abjectly, whichever makes more sense :P).

If that be fearlessness, then I am bold, daring and foolhardy to the the very hilt -- ouch...*pulls ancient ~3-foot sword out of chest & collapses*

Oh yeah, and all the rest of that stuff goes too........

Though I wish my "many friends" were a tad more in evidence for all the truly rewarding projects in life -- like rewriting history, taking over the world and creating a new golden age of all the best in humanity.

Modest little things like that. :-|


Verticle Oracle card Libra (September 23-October 22)
If you own a Jaguar luxury automobile, it's an excellent time to redo the leather interior. If you live in a trailer park on the other side of the railroad tracks, the moment is right to cover up the faux wood paneling with fancy wallpaper. And if you don't fall into either of those categories, meditate on how you might redecorate the inside of your world, from the physical environments you frequent to the interior walls of your imagination.

Well, I can think of a few places I frequent and/or have created entire that could use a good ambiential overhauling.  Such as my cluttered home where I want to throw things out the windows.  

And also, such as the many groups I have where people somehow don't seem to have an idea why the thing exists, much less understand its "mission" enough to share it, participate more and take some of the load off of me sustaining the damn things.  Agenda for groups and life in general: CLARIFY CLARIFY CLARIFY......the old wallpaper is a bit too subtle to be taken in by most (not that most is always good) -- what we need is a big bold and unabashed mural to show exactly what these visions are, if indeed worthy visions they be for me to spend the time and energy on them atall.

But carefully, though, let's not be too hard on the poor souls who know not what they do....afterall, powerful weapons my ginsus are, keen and honed by the years...

Verticle Oracle card Libra (September 23-October 22)
If you have been experiencing some form of injustice, it's an excellent time to stage a protest, strike, or boycott. The astrological omens don't necessarily guarantee you'll get all your demands met, but they do make it likely you'll be able to harness your anger with maximum lucidity. For best results, don't just fight for your own rights, but for the rights of others as well. You should also make sure that in fighting the disrespect you've suffered that you yourself don't disrespect anyone.

Well, I do try to be fair....afterall, being a Libra means trying to balance everything absolute-justly, even if you wind up condemning your very existence....though, I will say I've been trying a bit harder to avoid that sort of ....well, negative and self-undermining attitude, in a nutshell.  No way to count yourself a king of infinite space, if you can't forgive yourself -- which makes it a good deal harder to forgive anyone else as well, if there's any doubt atall that you can afford to let an offense be laid to rest.

In other divinations, the I Ching had also previously  endorsed my need to argue for my personal rights and views and needs....and considering that it's generally rather discouraged to assert difference and initiate conflict, that's a definite kick in the superego.....



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