Okay, this is a completely non-serious (well, at least completely overtly non-serious) bit of something I've had cooking for a while.  And if I happen to leave any proverb unturned, just assume that I have my reasons.  I need to blow off a bit of semi-frivolous steam, so let's play around with some quirks of cuisine....answers not included to match by, because I'm intent on being difficult.   But a bit of keyword-searching and situational recognition ought to go a long way.

1.  'Shrooms!!!

2.  Liquid diet, should cure what ails me.

3. I prefer a good solid meal....

4.  No more wine, just a sharper kiss than usual.

5.  I'll just have a little bit off the shoulder...

6.  You're sure it won't spoil my appetite for Mother's cooking?

7.  Well, I'll have to refuse it twice before I'll eat it....

8.  Depends on its specific density.

9.  Whatever I eat, there's no shortcut to making it correctly.

10. I'll have whatever that hawt guy in the mirror's having...;;) 

11. Mmmm, flame-broiled....oh, you mean the dinner?

12. Radical fusion - but I foresee a lot of squabbling over the leftovers.

13. Yes!!!  How do you like them apples?

14. I doubt it's an MSG headache, but...quick, get an axe!

15. I've heard of shitting bricks - but vomiting stones?

16. Stop moving the damn grapes!

17. One gigantic cheese-wheel, please....

18. Whatever you're having......yoink!

19. Just one piece?  We'll share it alike...

20. I'm serving pork roast, boys...../:)

21. No man ate the mutton.

22. Had to give mine back, so dibs on yours.

23. Lost my appetite - if anyone wants me, I'll be in my tent...

24. Well, I do have a hankering for some flies...

25. It'll be ready shortly, gentlemen.....oops, however did I uncook that...?

26. There are an infinite number of possible meals....:-?

27. I'd go for seconds and thirds, if I could just cross the bloody room...

28. More of that beer-flavoured blood, please.....

29. Shite!! - the snake stole it!

30. Is this a piece of lettuce I see before me...with dressing?


Have fun.....I'll give the answers in a while if no one gets it - then again, if no one gets any of these I'd be rather disappointed.  :P

The Thunderbird is one of the most wide-spread of Native American legends. It lived in a cedar forest at the western end of the world. It created thunderstorms which brought life-giving water. They could shoot lightning from its eyes and its wings were so enormous that they created peals of thunder when they flapped. Because of its energy and loudness, the Thunderbird is also associated with war. The eagle, bird of the Sun, is considered to be a representation of the Thunderbird in the earthly realm.

Compiled by Sun Guide Creativity.

Which Native American Legend Suits You?


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