....I'm thirty-three years old, believe it or not, and have been so for one hour and forty-four minutes. Hell ought to be freezing over shortly, but it'd be hard to tell given the usually-intemperate Chicago weather report, which promises freezing nights within a week anyhow.

Personality quizzes say I'm a glam rock omelette.... )

Been stressed to the hilt lately, but that should be relieved now, or at least shift into all the other stresses due to crawl up my back with deadlines and such. I have a play to copyedit and gank audition sides from, and the auditions themselves to attend and evaluate next week. This time, I'm co-directing. >:) Plus -- oh bugger, I just remembered this -- I have to email a half-size audition flier out before I can go to bed. No rest quite yet for this wicked polymathematical johannes factotum.....

I'll be back online tonight, and less frazzled, one hopes...
...enh, you'll see what I mean.

ColorQuiz.com Aurey took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!

"Has a powerful drive towards sensuousness...."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Anyone who knows me personally will know just how accurate those descriptions are, especially at the present time when so much of my life is stressful and up in the air. It takes a definite effort of will (and much self-reminding) for me to actually relax -- that is, meditate and reconnect/restore myself -- rather than merely distracting myself or being absentminded, which I'm also very good at doing.

But hey, as long as I've got my sensuousness drive working so powerfully..... /:)



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