Well, it looks as if my Saturdays are going to be free for the summer (and I'm going to have to find some creative ways to fill them, but I'm looking forward to it...). 

My signature art class, "How to Draw Real Live People," is moving up both in age level and lateness of hour -- the new timeslot is Monday nights from 6:30 to 9:00, at least for the Summer quarter (June 15 - August 3), and it's no longer listed as a children's class, either.  This is going to be just teens through adults, as well as being down in the gallery where we have more visibility to draw people's attention to the Gallery on those balmy-to-steamy summer evenings.

So...the brochure's going out to the printer's soon, and I just sent in my miniscule editing requests and comments (okay, not so miniscule on that front).  And I'm going to get my promos out and online as soon as possible, so that ther's plenty of time for people to sign up....and this time I won't have to worry quite so much about the chronic overscheduling of suburban schoolchildren.

So....further bulletins soon. 

*And also....yes, I am still interested in teaching art classes online -- actually, I've been thinking a lot about exactly how to make it work, and I think that it'd probably be easiest to do at this point (for the realtime part) in an IM chat/conference format, with a private online group to hold notes, links, resources and shared work that aren't realtime-dependant.  Tell me what you think of that, and maybe I can figure out the rest of the logistics before June and start structuring the enterprise.

Ever get the feeling that all your best efforts to reach and intrigue and inspire and educate are just wasted hot air?  Not that I'm (I hope) so bad as this.....


From The Onion..... )


In which I rant about power and not letting people walk all over me... )

Now, where are some good fictional templates for that.....?

Yeah, yeah, I know that the deep vibrant blue against the deep darkblood red is eye-twangingly intense. You know what, though? --I've got my reasons. If you remember any of them, drop me a line. :-|

At the moment, I'm on a bender of re-tweaking everything that I have the ability to tweak, including my LJ details, my Yahell frontpages, and even my stodgy old MS Windows desktop style formats, getting as much damn distinctiveness as I can out of them without being able to design them totally from scratch.

Oh, and the office/studio redecorating down at the music school went quite well -- so well that I'm (supposedly) even going to get paid for it (!!!!). So, that's 19 hours of sheer practical creativity in the service of professional image. Aaaaaand...I am going to be attempting an art class for musicians to help them explore their stylistic gestalts and find their niche for how to present and market themselves uniquely. This is a totally new thing, and I am going to do it. Just like teaching formal figure drawing to kids in the primary grades 'cause they shouldn't have to wait until highschool and college to get the foundations of it.

It is quite useful to be able to just have an idea and act on it, without taking seriously the general rules that say one can't or one shouldn't be able to do that sort of thing. Grain of mustardseed and all that...>:)

Last Art League class till September today...I know, I haven't kept up on my erstwhile weekly bulletins regarding that. This quarter was frustrating because of late registrations and erratic attendance, as well as having a student art exhibit due up by the end of the month without being able to finish the course first. I don't refuse people on account of signing up late, but I do wish they'd be consistent once they started. I hope I haven't forgotten to say too much on account of it being Summer Quarter and only a 6-week term......I hate 6-week terms -- you never really feel like you get anywhere, even if you try to take the pressure off of getting somewhere so that it's not a constant urgency. I want the kids to have a good time and not get dried out with too much criticism, but at the same time I want to be able to push them hard enough to really see some forward movement. I know there has been some, maybe even a lot, but at the same time there's so much of 'in one ear and out the other' and not really actively grasping the image and making the most of it. Next term I must be more flagrantly physical and whip out the Play-Doh without ado.

And show off more. :-| I'm too damn modest, you know that? And in so much of a hurry to get the kids active that I often forget to show them 'where I am' as a precursor to helping them get further along in their development.

Enh, must stop before I start channelling......:-|

(No, not like that....not in front of the children....gah...no...nooo.....AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!)

There, now I feel better.... >:)

I've been asked to teach my life drawing and portraiture class again through the La Grange Art League -- it's now got three weeks left to this term, and the new term of it starts June 21 and will run for six weeks on Wednesday afternoons. The class designation is now "Grades 3 and up" to fully accommodate the expressed adult interest as well, and I'll be setting up a new pick-your-own-assignment range of homework activities, as well as doing more posing and interactive/partner work in-class.

Here's the URL for the class schedule, which will be updated soon and has all general info links as well:


--and the class description is as follows:


Grades 3 and up
Instructor: K. Aurencz Zethmayr
Dates: June 21 through July 26
Time: Wednesday afternoons (will add exact time; class is 2 hrs long)

Learn how to draw friends, family and/or anyone you like, using
foundational knowledge you wouldn't get otherwise until high school.
We'll cover basic anatomy & proportions, take turns doing poses for
the rest of the class (volunteer basis) and explore how to draw
recognizable people both from live sittings and from photographs.

Instructor bio:

K. AURENCZ (AUREY) ZETHMAYR is a freelance artist/designer with
strong interest in character portrayal and the dramatic nature of
scenes (with or without people in them). Holds a BA Degree from
Columbia College Chicago, with especial emphasis on theatrical
design. Has been doing portraiture, illustration and graphic design
for many years, ever since first acquiring the reputation of being "a
really good drawer."


If you're interested and in the Chicago area, check it out (class conversation roams all over the place, so it's a rather interdisciplinary experience, not just limited to typical art classroom topics).

I'm also planning to do a series of Wednesday morning sessions (from about 10am-noonish) of general nature/"outside" drawing in the backyard garden at my home, though that's apart from the Art League and will be arranged/advertised on my own account.....further details as firmer planning warrants.

It's kinda my mother's idea, but it's not a bad one, and if there's enough interest but not the weekday time I can always do it for Saturdays to accommodate (except of course for the weekends that I go to Indy...Indiana...when my baby smiles at me I go to--okay, okay, I'm stopping, I'm stopping...well, except for that bit about being a tiger...>:)...)

Okay. That's not all of what I'm doing IRL (I'm also teaching piano and music theory and may have another formal voice student soon), but it's something. Something that isn't actually directly connected with saving the world, but then again it might be. Go figure.


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