....and a bit of batting about to tenderize...

Much venting of ginsu-sharpness -- first conversational prose, then tending into a more poetic vein. The language most frequently used is not exactly polite, but then again, some people have really been asking for it from me and not yet received their due. Chances are they won't choose to read beneath the cut, either...

To that manifestly-delusional person who keeps sending me social-network invitations and new email address alerts even though she threw an absolute high-and-mighty vituperative shitfit when I dared question her dogmatic theological premises....

You're a frickin' nutcase, and I knew that from the very first time we conversed online and you started letting loose with your claims -- let alone through your successive egocentric self-reinventions. You're not an erstwhile military-project genius, you're not the ultimate ARCHANGEL/GODDESS ever, you're not the creator/sustainer of the entire universe, and I seriously pity anyone that you've managed to attract as an online follower.
You are, as a matter of fact, a textbook example why unquestioning acceptance of Otherness claims is a really really bad fluffy-bunny, wankerish, socially-destructive idea. I find it laughable and all too common online that people like you get away with saying whatever the crap you like, while people like me who actually bother seriously researching, corroborating and supporting what they say get chided and marginalized/blackballed from the mediocre and indiscriminate online groups that form the mainstream of the so-called "Otherkin community." Go shove your head a bit further up your ass, 'cause you'll be just as close as you ever were to the truth.

To that voluble and insufferably self-referential commentator-on-all-things who clearly doesn't live in the same world that I do...

You're a bloody arrogant twit with a vastly-inflated sense of the importance of your personal opinions -- and you really do think you know everything, don't you? If you really had any understanding of what "privilege" means, you'd know better than to try to override or downplay the reasoning of anyone engaged in their own life's struggle for self-definition and due recognition in the world they happen to live in and you don't. I have to explain and present myself to a social milieu that is not quite so freewheeling and post-modernly accepting as your ideal, and I frankly don't give a flying fuck what you find abhorrent in claiming actual innateness to my nature as more-valid than conscious choice, because in my world -- sometimes still referred to as the "real" world -- it's both the actual truth and it happens to be taken more seriously than my merely-personal choices and opinions are regarded. Perhaps in your rarefied and coddled intellectual bubble it is enough to express your elevated distaste for the way the rest of the world thinks, but I have to actually deal with it and confront it cogently and with more-than-sentimental evidence. Anytime you want to come down from your ivory tower and stop just issuing lofty pronouncements and predictions on the state of civilization, do feel free to remember that you're human, not infallible.

To that self-appointed societal guardian, facilitator and flock-herder who shall (like everyone else) remain nameless here...

I was seriously considering complimenting you on something halfway-cogent that you'd written awhile back, but then I realized that it was a tad hysterical underneath the logic and partially-applied common sense, and also that I didn't want to give your ego any more assistance in its unsubstantiated growth and talking-head pomposity. Not only is there a world outside of your views/opinions as well, but the people who inhabit it more regularly than you don't think you're all that special...or personally credible...or deserving of admiring courtiers and supporters. Perhaps you might want to tone it down a bit...not everyone within online earshot is in your magisterial domain, or signed on to your email list of edicts.

To a clueless and dogmatic annoyance from somewhere in the somewhat-distant past...

So narrow a mind that it clouds your eyes and memory,
because otherwise you might have had a chance to see.
Go on and sing your hymns and play your pious part -- you'll find out in the end
that not everything is what it seems at the Sunday-school start.
Stay away, never miss, never question the absence of question or clue...
had you mattered in this great scheme of things,
I might have remembered .

To a shallow soul-surface wallowing in worldly pastimes...

Just as well that those who choose to be not awake,
be not awake.
Lose sense, lose sight, lose deeper knowing, fade and flow
away in the days that are wasted, idle fantasies.
No content, contented to lie in the nominal edge of the pool...
irrelevant, leaving the mantle adrift
to the water's weight, sink and slumber and stay
far away, far away....

To one who is still more than half sleeping, heavy with pains and oblivian covering pains...

Wake to me, wake ere the night is come
when all our work must be complete,
souls ready to take on whatever comes of wills
and destiny -- grow stronger than you ever knew
that you could be.
Slough off the skin of dank despair and futile woe
and claim your rightful wings, for we have far to go. 


I suppose it's rather kathartic, moving from merciless bloodsport-railing to rhapsody....serves a good purpose anyhow, as I've not had the time nor particular energy to mount specific and direct rejoinders to the irritants that have bugged me, let alone much of a mood for constructive poetry. I did write a rather interesting one just the other night, but it must be posted both vaguely and confidentially -- or so openly as fiction as to give no sign that it warrants real pretense.


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Well, more than two, three....I suppose it depends on what events and altercations have been flist-&-network-noted over the past year or so, which leaves only (I think) two people addressed here who would be effectively off the online map.

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