So what does Aurey do when he's up late recovering from the dregs of that-illness-which-is-a-long-story-in-itself?  Get into a spate of writing poetry, of course, though this may come off as more of a sheer flood of verbiage.  I may reattempt something on the same lines in a different frame of mind, but this frame after all seems the appropriate one for the gist of it.  Composed amidst the anachronistic pseudo-cacophony of...well, we are all online, are we not?  The wonders of modern technology...and  Η αλήθεια είναι πιό παράξενη από μυθιστοριογραφία των φανατικών υποστηρικτών - go on, have fun with that one.

Anyhow....poetry.  Tell me what you think of it....there's plenty more where it came from.

What music for the Ishtar Gate, in accompaniments of ages past and now and yet to come?  )


In other news, I have officially completed my thirty-fourth year of life, as of 1:29 am Central Daylight Time.  Astrological stats are as follows, in which you will find that I have things in some very interesting and seemingly-paradoxical places, if you know what they mean - but right up front is the fact that I have Libra as my sun sign and Leo as my ascendant - so which one is the more definitive of my identity?  (At which point I point to the Chinese zodiac and say, "I'm a Fire Dragon - that explain anything?")


Astrological jargon... )

I'll make a less-peremptory post on that later, so tell me if you're actually interested in seeing what all that is supposed to mean, so I can add you to that degree/angle of filter.  I used to have a girlfriend who was obsessive about doing up astrological charts for everyone she dated, but I'm not quite that compulsive when it comes to analyzing people.  If it fits then it fits, saith man the pattern-seer. 



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