:D Nope, I haven't gotten tired of it yet.....

Cross-posting this to all groups and blogs where people may want to get real live (well, not *really*...) holiday cards from me -- have updated RSVP deadline to December 12, but the P.O. recommends mailing things by December 13 to ensure Christmas delivery. So it's possible that some may be slightly late due to the necessary prep time. On the other hand, they're only greeting cards, so......go figure.

TO SIGN UP FOR GETTING A CARD FROM ME......go here -- http://aureantes.livejournal.com/59399.html -- and reply with mailing name and address, or name and email if you want one sent non-smailmail. You need not be a member of LiveJournal to post a reply, but it does help if *I* know who you are..../:) All comments are screened to ensure privacy, and will remain generally invisible unless replied to themselves. Hope that makes sense.
*snerk*  There, that's one way of putting it......okay, here's the deal, me being an artsy creative-type personage as I am:

In other news, I've been having some rather interesting dreams lately, and am only expecting them to intensify.....but that's for another post in itself.  And maybe not even here, but then you know what a shameless exhibitionist I am.  :-|


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